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The Red Sofa
Character & Styling

An insightful portrayal of everyday life, where the red sofa serves as a stage for an array of diverse and engaging character interactions.

Acrylic Painting on Wood 29cm x 35cm

The Human Comedy

A sample of satirical and humorous series inspired by Honoré de Balzac’s “La Comédie humaine,” offering contemporary societal commentary with wit.

Experience the charm of a character design for example for a pharmacy chain, where I embodied the persona of a trusted pharmacist. Additionally, I meticulously designed the distinctive style and ambiance for each pharmacy, ensuring a truly exceptional look and feel.


In the vibrant urban life of Tel Aviv, iconic establishments like Lucifer, a renowned bar, and Tamar Cafe, a hotspot for local artists and creative minds, create a lively scene that captures the essence of the city's dynamic cafe, bar, and gallery culture.

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