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יום השמאליים_edited.jpg

Internationally acclaimed illustrator/artist Michal Hartal is known for satiric and precise work, which includes style modification, multiple graphic languages, and technique versatility.

Being a talented portrait painter, using her ability to read people and explore their inner world and workings, Hartal created numerous paintings over the years for various exhibitions, artistic projects and commissioned work.

In addition, her practice spans from editorial work, published in international magazines such as Playgirl and Cosmopolitan, up to personal-derived series of paintings, exploring the artistic history of her family.

Michal is a graduate of the Department of Visual Communication of Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem (1986). She lived and worked in Germany for 15 years. Since returning to Israel in 2004, she exhibited paintings and contributed illustrations for leading local magazines such as Globes, Woman’s World, At-Magazine, among others.

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